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Robin Young is also an artist and lives in Borrego Springs, CA with her creative husband John and lazy dog, Comet. Her collage work includes what she calls “painting with paper”, creating interesting postcards kind of a “analog or physical Photoshop”, by combining photos cut from magazines and other sources. Her focus on collage art using magazine clippings, masking tape, wallpaper, jewelry, feathers, foil etc. allows her to develop deep into the whimsical and intuitive.

Although she works in small format collage on a daily basis her work includes large, life-sized pieces, 3D sculptures, murals, and outdoor installations using her beautiful desert landscape. Robin’s keen eye and gripping esthetic guide her viewers into her own semi-readymade world. Repurposing nostalgic images for lighthearted and sometimes disquieting messages; Robin’s artistic universe is strange, funky, sometimes perverse and always alluring.

Her work has found its way into many publications including Sunspot Literary Journal, The Closed Eye Open, Hole in the Head Review and Montana Mouthful. Her work can also be seen at her local Borrego Springs Art Institute.